Sunday, April 13, 2008

Busy weekend

I've been getting ramped up for this season of beekeeping. I finally inspected my two hives from last year. Neither made it thru the winter, appeared as if the bees didnt survive the cold as there was no evidence of rampant disease or lack of food. In fact, I found about another 150 lbs of honey in the hive which I purchased last december.

Today I spent the day cleaning this hive as it had not been tended to in a while..the frames were basically glued together with wax and propolis. It was quite a chore, scraping and hacking away at the gunk..and then I had to move the 4-5 boxes of honey (~30 lbs each).

This year I am hoping to have three active hives: two in the same location as last year, and one at the top of the hill here in W. Seattle. A friend and her two boys (both 10 yrs old) are wanting to learn. They seem to be maintaining their interest level, which is fun to see, and, I 've been giving them some homework, like mixing up the feeding syrup.

This year will also bring more work as I am going to be supplying honey to a local deli - in place of my mentor as he is moving from the area. So, I guess you could say I am going commercial.

will update once I get news on the arrival of the girls.